About Mike Breau

Mike Breau I was born in Rumford, a small mill town in the foothills of Maine. I am indebted to the four seasons that have contributed immensely to my imagination. I feel a great joy in everything I see and touch, and am totally grateful to the many beautiful people that have through various ways touched my life. I feel truly blessed.
Life hasn’t been especially easy, but has been notably fun. I learned how to learn, and am embarking on a new journey. While many people have called me artistic in the ways I perceive my surroundings, I am now dedicating myself to new ways of introducing art. I am self-taught, but have studied ancient art forms until present time in hopes of introducing a new flavor. I am just a beginner, per say, yet hope to be an inspiration to new ways of thinking. I hope that I always remain a beginner. I will refuse to remain with just one theme because I believe each new thought expressed can carry others to hopefully see for themselves new ways for expression. Today, I play with acrylic painting and photography, and soon will be adding some computer art to the mix. Tomorrow will become an extension of today; and before the year’s end, a delving into oils and light. Join me in my new journey. Hopefully, when completed, my trip into the unknowns will somehow enhance your journey into your own imagination.