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Mike Breau

From Maine with Love


Mike Breau emerges from the Western Foothills of Maine offering a vast array of eye catching and ever changing new works utilizing a combination of several different techniques. He enjoys fine art photography, creating digital art, and painting on water. Bold colors often succumb to the softer values that many of his supporters feel mellow their souls. Whether abstract, semi-abstract, surreal, or modern impressionism, etc., most of his works foster unique qualities that intrigue viewers of all persuasions.
Passionate studies of ancient and modern art left Mike with echoes of other paths less traveled. He thinks outside the circle, ever expanding outward. This concept, he feels, allows all artists infinite possibilities for becoming unique. Every piece generates a different observation and Mike always appreciates the robust and oftentimes hilarious perceptions so many have shared with him.
When painting on water he often feels carried well beyond his original intention; but, more often in a surprisingly wonderful way, a most amusing experience.Mike is a Scorpio, a water sign. Perhaps that is the crux of its influence. It seems to act like a pulling sensation, drawing him forcefully into new streams of influence or direction. Audiences have shared a great affinity to these special pieces.
Mike feels good artists allow people to see and experience their surroundings in ways they never felt or thought about before.
His present goals are to improve his story telling techniques, not just through series of different pictures that relate to each other, but as individual works that leave longer and deeper impressions that will hopefully keep everyone enjoying his works and returning to experience more of the hidden treasure they may be willing to unveil.
Come join Mike in his exciting journey. Hopefully his trip into his uncharted territories may enhance your journey into your own imagination.



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